Art in the office: How to choose it and why you should

Are your office walls feeling a little lifeless? If so, it’s time to transform your workspace into your own personal art gallery. There’s a reason why a sense of inner peace is unleashed when gazing at a Picasso or Van Gogh, as art has been said to carry several mental health benefits. Not only this, […]

How to design an eco-friendly and sustainable office

What does it mean to be ‘eco-friendly’ and ‘sustainable’?   Do you find your eyes popping out of your head when receiving the dreaded office electricity bill? Not only will this start to wear a substantial hole in your pocket, the environment will start to suffer too.  Being eco-friendly – as the name suggests – is […]

5 of the most luxurious offices in the world (and ideas you can steal)

From Swiss chalet inspired meeting pods to peace-inducing office libraries, the creativity that can be applied to your office design process really is endless. We have scoured the internet to find some of the best workspaces out there, digging deep to find out exactly how you can get your very own office looking just as […]

How minimalist office design can work for you

In a world where the revolutionary minimalist office is becoming increasingly popular, mastering the art of simplicity is not as difficult as you may think. It’s certainly true when they say that less really is more, and if you’re embarking on an office redesign and want to know how to ditch the clutter and opt […]

5 things to consider before your next office redesign

Is it time for an office redesign? An office makeover is a great way to help attract and retain staff, as well as keep morale high. And when you’re competing with homeworking, an office change is definitely a smart move. Whether you’ve relocated, downsized, rebranded, or just need a refresh, here are five things you […]

Things to consider when planning an office refurbishment

So, it’s time for an office update, is it? No threat, we’ve got just the perfect guide to help you get started on figuring out what you need to get a productive office refurbishment project underway. Here are a few things for you to consider.

Show your office some love with office refurbishment

February – the month of love. It’s the time of year when our eyes take heart shapes and we show our appreciation for our loved ones. But, what about showing our love and appreciation for other important things in our life, like our homes, local areas and workplaces? We seem to forget about or take […]

Top 5 Tips for installing Office Furniture

In this article we share the top 5 tips to ensure that your office furniture is managed properly right from the start. The tips are acquired from Bruce Lovell – A Business Process Improvement Consultant at FIRA.