What is office mood lighting and how to use it

What is mood lighting? Mood lighting, also referred to as accent lighting, is lighting that creates a specific emotional response, atmosphere or ambience. It can make a room feel more relaxing, cosy, warm, romantic or a combination of all of these features. As humans, we react to colours in different ways (which you can read […]

What’s the difference between office fit out and office refurbishment?

Improving your office can seem like a large and daunting project, but the key is to plan it out in detail before getting started. One of the most important aspects you’ll need to decide on is choosing whether to undertake an office refurbishment or office fit out – but what’s the difference? Although the terms […]

5 benefits of Pantone blue for your office space

When redesigning or redecorating your office, one of the key decisions you’ll have to make is choosing an office colour scheme. On the surface, this decision may seem to be all about aesthetics or company branding, but the real impact of your office colours actually goes deeper than this. According to colour psychology, all colours […]

14 simple office refurbishment ideas

Urban Bubble kitchen area and seating

Despite the homeworking and hybrid revolution, maintaining a stylish and comfortable office is more important than ever. In the recruiting landscape,  you’re competing with the comfort and convenience of your employees’ homes, so you need to make your office even more appealing to encourage them to work on-site. If you want to attract top talent […]

How to design a collaborative office space

collaborative office space

Creating a collaborative office space can positively impact your staff in many ways. For example, selecting the right colour scheme and furniture can improve company culture, boost teamwork and help with productivity. Or a friendly and inviting touchdown area, where staff can bounce ideas around freely, is ideal for maximising creativity.  So, why not design […]

Your complete guide to office relocation (and checklist)

stack of boxes next to an office computer monitor

Daunted at the thought of office relocation? Before we delve into how best to plan the ins and outs of it your office relocation, we believe that a hearty congratulations is in order. An office relocation is the perfect way to start fresh, and a completely blank canvas means that you can kit out your […]

How offices can be more sustainable in 2023

nr barton limited office design

With accessible office design, flexibility, health and wellness rising in popularity, it’s only natural that 2023 also means embracing sustainability in the office. From saving energy to incorporating natural materials in the office, there are many ways to create an eco-friendly workplace. So, if you want to be more sustainable in the office or are […]

Top 6 features of accessible office design

an accessible office design

Featured image: Adama, Reading Inclusiveness should make up a huge part of your office culture, with all employees educated on how to make the office a better place. Embracing accessibility is just one way to improve company culture, as well as flexibility, autonomy and great relationships within the office. Aside from workplace culture, it is […]

Office design ideas for different industries

Redrow seating area

Featured image: Redrow PLC, Crawley Office design ideas can be hard to come by, especially when you have a particular industry to cater to. For example, a traditional office will look entirely different to a co-working space. Luckily, we’re experts at dealing with offices of all shapes, sizes, and industries. If you need a little […]

The benefits to working with office fit out companies

Humanscale office and boardroom

Featured Image: Humanscale, Manchester Installing a new office is a large investment, which is why you should think carefully about how you wish to approach this task. Although it may seem tempting to cut costs with a DIY attitude, or to hire multiple tradespeople, this can be a stressful and time consuming process. Plus, there’s […]