CDL, or Cheshire Datasystems Ltd, are market leaders in software solutions for high volume retail insurance operations.

They have grown organically over the past three decades and employ more than 450 people in Stockport.

Having outgrown their existing headquarters CDL expanded their operation into an additional state of the art premises.

Diamond Interiors were tasked with the office design, fit and installation of the new headquarters.

Phase two of the project involved the Diamond Interiors team returning to the Stockport base to create a stunning new restaurant for employees.


  • Location: Stockport
  • Sector: Private Sector
  • Project size: 100,000 Sq ft
  • Completion time: 4 weeks

“We’ve had a strong relationship with Diamond for many years so we didn’t hesitate to choose them when were looking to fit out our new offices.”

“They understood our vision for CDL and provided fantastic customer services every step of the way. Even though we changed the installation date four times the team bent over backwards to support us and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

The interiors are the perfect compliment to the design of the building and have had a fantastic reception from our staff. The first time we showed them the offices the reaction was ‘wow, I can’t wait to work here!”

– Jane Blackburn, Facilities Manager, CDL


Diamond Interiors have worked with CDL for many years and understands the company ethos and values.

The Diamond Interiors team wanted to create a modern working environment designed to inspire the CDL team.

That included the dining space and relaxation areas as Diamond consider every opportunity to cater to the needs of the workforce at work, rest and play.


Diamond Interiors created an exciting, stimulating workplace with desks and seating for more than 350 staff members.

The stylish, contemporary meeting rooms and reception furniture, storage units and fresh, inspirational breakout areas.

Storage for staff belongings were designed into open plan office spaces with breakout areas giving a fun modern feel with tables and chairs and comfortable soft seating in bright citrus colours.

The restaurant space and dining facility provide a stunning peace de resistance to the Diamond Interiors CDL project and ensures the CDL team are catered for in a modern, inspiring workplace.

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