Beyond Professional Services are a leading corporate law company based in the central Manchester area. Having started in 2017 they have gone from strength to strength since by forging long term client relationships by adhering to their principles of maintaining an absolute focus on respect, service and commerciality. All their clients get this approach, without exception.


  • Location: Castlefield, Manchester
  • Sector: Private Sector
  • Project size: 6135 Sq Ft
  • Completion time: 3 Weeks


Beyond had been considering moving offices but due to the current economic climate they decided instead to change their way of working within their current office environment. The  client wanted a cohesive, branded environment which took the current safety measures into consideration but did not created a sense of fear in the workplace . They wanted to adopt a 2 day on  / 3 day off shift pattern which allowed a general reduction in overall daily numbers but ensured all staff could see each other at least once a month.


The desking along with floor to ceiling storagewall and lockers created a clean simple look in this new agile working environment – a clean desk policy will be easy to implement with both personal and work storage for each person.
Various planting brings nature and texture into the space and compliments the monochromatic approach to the colour scheme. The large collaborative spaces enhance the open plan areas. The kitchen area and Hotspot Titanium 3-in1 Taps blend functionality with beauty for a classic, on brand kitchen and break space. Finally, industrial style glazing elevates the existing meeting rooms and works perfectly with the exposed brick aesthetic of this Manchester office.  We love it!!

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