What’s the difference between office fit out and office refurbishment?

Improving your office can seem like a large and daunting project, but the key is to plan it out in detail before getting started. One of the most important aspects you’ll need to decide on is choosing whether to undertake an office refurbishment or office fit out – but what’s the difference? Although the terms […]

5 benefits of Pantone blue for your office space

When redesigning or redecorating your office, one of the key decisions you’ll have to make is choosing an office colour scheme. On the surface, this decision may seem to be all about aesthetics or company branding, but the real impact of your office colours actually goes deeper than this. According to colour psychology, all colours […]

14 simple office refurbishment ideas

Urban Bubble kitchen area and seating

Despite the homeworking and hybrid revolution, maintaining a stylish and comfortable office is more important than ever. In the recruiting landscape,  you’re competing with the comfort and convenience of your employees’ homes, so you need to make your office even more appealing to encourage them to work on-site. If you want to attract top talent […]

How to arrange furniture in a small office

Employee discussion in shared space

Good small office design, when done properly, can create a pleasing atmosphere and lead to increased productivity and good overall wellbeing. But when your office space is particularly small, this can be quite a challenge, especially if you’re planning an office refurb. So if you have a relatively small space but want to maximise your […]

What is the difference between a Cat A and Cat B fit out?

office fit out with geometric design on walls and cupboards

Relocating or redesigning a simple office space? Fit outs are great for improving company culture and ensuring your office is a safe and inspiring environment to work in. You may come across terms like Cat A and Cat B fit outs during your search for a fit out contractor – but what do they really […]

How offices can be more sustainable in 2023

nr barton limited office design

With accessible office design, flexibility, health and wellness rising in popularity, it’s only natural that 2023 also means embracing sustainability in the office. From saving energy to incorporating natural materials in the office, there are many ways to create an eco-friendly workplace. So, if you want to be more sustainable in the office or are […]

Why in-person meetings are still important

group of people in a work meeting for an in person meeting

The Coronavirus pandemic meant a drastic change in the way workplaces function and hold meetings. Many employees have found themselves attending more virtual meetings than they would when they were in the office. But are these meetings as productive or necessary as in-person meetings? Read on to learn more about the importance of in-person meetings […]